Diana Andreeva

The best revenge is massive success
- Frank Sinatra

Me, Myself and I

A little bit about me

I am a combination of a brilliant mind, creativity, a sense of humor and, of course - modesty. My interests range in different areas, and I believe that one day (hopefully very soon), I will be a recognizable face in society because of a significant discovery or new technology, a unicorn company.

Every day I learn new facts related to world culture, natural anomalies, or wildlife that I try to share with as many people as possible so that everyone around me can be at least partially as informed as I am.



Science & IT

Over the years, I have been studying not only mathematics but also physics and IT. I've created several mobile apps and some useful gadgets and attended various science camps.


Inspired by the quote, "Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom", I gained the skills to communicate in 5 different languages - Bulgarian, English, Spanish, German and Greek.


Sport is an irreplaceable part of my life. I am passionate about basketball, volleyball, skiing and football, but tennis - both court and table, has a special place in my heart.


My spare time is never wasted - I spend it hiking, partying and 3D printing. I am active in the school community as part of the council, advocating for students' rights and social life.